Nakula was the fifth of the Eighteen Arhats. He was born into a wealthy family and was a very famous musician. After renouncing the home life, he could not bear the practice of asceticism. He became weak and emaciated.  Although he could tolerate bodily sufferings, he was really perplexed that he could not realize the Dharma, so he had a thought to disrobe himself. The Buddha perceived his mind, and asked him: “If the string of your harp is kept too tight, what would happen?” Nakula replied: “It will break if the string is too tight.” “What would happen if it is too loose?” “There will be no sound.” Then the Buddha said: “Practicing the Dharma can be likened to playing the musical instrument. You should neither slacken nor overstress yourself. Hence, you should be calm and balanced when you practice the Dharma. Everything should be moderate.”  Hearing the Buddha’s advice, Nakula was suddenly enlightened, and soon he became an Arhat, liberated from physical and mental suffering in this world.

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