[:en]Sangha Summer Retreat & Daily Chanting [:zh]佛門寺夏安居報恩藥師法會[:]

[:en]The Sangha Summer Retreat originates from the Buddha’s time. In India, the sangha either went to meditate in the mountains, by the rivers, or practiced walking meditation in the forest. During the monsoon season, their alms bowl and clothing were often drenched or washed away by the rain waters. Therefore, the lay disciples pleaded with the Buddha to provide a sheltered place for the sangha; they would then make offerings of food to the sangha so that they could concentrate on their practice and not suffer from the summer rains.

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In his compassion, the Buddha set aside a summer retreat period from the 16th day of the 4th lunar month to the 15th day of the 7th lunar month; during that time, lay disciples offered food, clothing, bedding, medicine, and other necessities of daily life to the sangha so that they could peacefully and vigorously cultivate the Way. During those three months, the sangha would not go out except to take care of their parents and teachers, and to carry out the work of the Three Jewels. This period of time is known as the “three-month summer retreat and 90-days of tranquil living.”

Grand Master Wei Chueh, the founding teacher of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, in his compassionate vow to liberate all sentient beings, established the harmonious sangha assembly. He propagates the Buddha Dharma to stabilize and purify the mind of all people. In grateful remembrance of the Grand Master’s compassionate efforts, all lay disciples and sangha members sincerely request the observance of the summer retreat period by holding the Medicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony at all the branch meditation centers of Chung Tai.

May the Three Jewels be merciful to us; may the merits benefit all our benefactors above as well as all those in the lower realms. We will dedicate these merits toward peace in the world and all sentient beings, so that all may eradicate all their afflictions, be free from calamities, and attain enlightenment.

 [:zh]夏安居起源於佛陀時代,印度夏季雨期長達三個月之久,一切僧眾或在山間水邊禪定,或在樹下經行,衣缽因此常為雨水流失,所以當時的居士大德請求佛陀結夏,令眾僧聚居一處,所有飲食由居士供養,俾使僧眾便於專修,免受雨水之苦;再者夏季期間,唯恐出外乞食,踩傷地面之蟲類及草樹之新芽, 是故佛陀基於慈悲,遂制定從農曆四月十六日至七月十五日結夏,由在家居士供養飲食、衣服、臥具、醫藥等日常生活之所需,讓出家僧眾於此三個月內安心辦道、精進用功。此三個月中,出家僧眾結界安居,非為父母師長三寶事,不得出界,名為「三月結夏,九旬安居」,以致力修行。

中台禪寺  導師上惟下覺大和尚,以無盡的悲心願力,創建道場安僧度眾,更將佛法廣傳弘揚至各界,安定社會淨化人心。為感念  導師弘法利生,慧命再造之恩,四眾弟子殷勤祈請啟建「夏安居報恩藥師法會」。中台禪寺所屬各分院法師亦於駐地領眾共修。




週一 7-8 am 3-4:10 pm
週二 7-8 am 3-4:10 pm
週三 7-8 am 3-4:10 pm
週四 9:50-10:50 am 3-4:10 pm
週五 7-8 am 3-4:10 pm
週六 7-8 am 1:50-2:50 pm
週日 7-8 am 3-4:10 pm