Six Paramitas; Remedies to Afflictions, by the numbers

Isaac  Newton postulated; “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  This is the same basis for Karma and all that is taught in Mahayana  Buddhism.  As part of the instruction of  the Dharma, here are some of the practices for eradicating afflictions and  poisons.

To free us from the six causes of suffering, the Six Paramitas are the remedies:

Dana—Giving and generosity to eradicate greed  and stinginess
Sila—Virtue and morality to eradicate misconducts and moral corruption
Ksanti—Patience, tolerance, acceptance, and endurance to eradicate anger and hatred
Virya—Energy, diligence, courage, enthusiasm and effort to eradicate laziness and dullness
Dhyana—Meditation, absorption, concentration and contemplation to eradicate distraction and monkey mind
Prajna—Transcendental wisdom to eradicate ignorance and delusion

In practicing the Paramitas with concentration and diligence, we can eradicate these vexations and  learn to cultivate generosity, virtue, and transcendental wisdom.