Dedication of Merits

The  practice of Dedication of Merits is chanted by the Buddha Gate  assembly during ceremonies,  and at  the conclusion of every meditation class. What  are the merits we are dedicating, and to whom are they directed?

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The merits we dedicate are from our good deeds, altruistic thoughts, and pure mind.  We dedicate the merits to all sentient beings. This, along with good conditions, will help  their positive karma develop into a positive effect.

There are many other forms of merits we can dedicate, such as chanting the Three Refuges or  sutras.

To whom can we dedicate merits? We can dedicate merits to  any person, any group, and  all sentient beings. Through a sincere and concentrated mind, we can help  others by offering our positive thoughts to them. We can direct merits to a  family member or friend – whether living or deceased. For example, we can  dedicate merits for a good outcome to someone facing adversity, or to deceased  relatives to increase their awareness of the Buddha Dharma for rebirth into a  higher realm.

If there is suffering somewhere else in the world because of a  natural disaster or human-caused suffering, we may feel helpless. However, besides material support we  can make a difference by dedicating merits. These are not bound by physical limits.  Imagine the power of dedicating merits to all sentient beings when the assembly  recites a sutra in complete concentration.

Think about it. Since dedicating merits is karma made by you, what  could be some of the resulting effects?