Arhat Pindola was  known to have pure white hair and long snowy eyebrows which showed longevity,  seniority and leadership. He was one of the Four Great Monastic disciples  appointed by the Buddha to assist the future  Buddha, Maitreya. He was also well-known for his kindness and supernatural powers.

One day, he went  to a woman known to be stingy, and requested alms for the sake of several monks  who had come from afar. She shooed him away and then went back to cooking her  pies. Instead of taking his leave, Arhat Pindola sat and entered into  meditation. The woman was frightened to find the monk sitting there and looking  as if he had died. Fearing that she would go to court if the monk died there, she  asked Arhat Pindola for pardon. She offered him a small piece of pie.  Surprisingly, the pie became very large. Then he said to her, “Benefactor,  I would not partake of this big pie. I have come to ask for alms to offer the  food to the monks who just arrived here from afar and are too tired and hungry  to come out.” His kindness and sincerity moved the woman, so she decided  to give him more pies. But Pindola turned her down and said, “Thank you  for your kindness. This big pie is enough. I am very pleased that you have been  so benevolent. May your merits and wisdom increase because of your  generosity.” This woman was moved by Arhat Pindola’s kindness and  felt remorseful for her stinginess. She decided to cultivate kindness and  generosity by making offerings and supporting the Sangha.