Everyday Buddhism – Driving

When driving, enclosed in our cars, unable to see, hear or communicate with other drivers, we often disconnect from  others on the road. Sometimes we take others’ driving habits personally, and become angry or stressed. How do we keep our Bodhisattva practice in the midst of the Bay Area Traffic?
When traffic reporters talk about  roads, they use words like ‘flow,’ ‘blocked,’ and ‘diverted,’ as if they were describing water. If we were rafting down a river, would it do any good to get mad at the boulders in our way? Wouldn’t we simply go around them? Taking this analogy, other drivers are like the boulders in the water. Annoyance and anger will only ruin our day. Acknowledge the situation and let it go.

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Driving is the perfect time to practice  your awareness. Instead of thinking about projects at work or home, try just being aware of your driving and surroundings. This will not only relieve your  stress on the road, it will make you a safer driver.