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Words of Wisdom

There is a saying: “If one cannot tolerate the small aggravations, one will upset the whole plan.” Tolerance brings peace; it is a crucial Buddhist practice. In our everyday life, we may encounter positive or negative situations any time; face them with tolerance and patience, then we will progress in our cultivation.

—Words of Wisdom from Grand Master Wei Chueh

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Gratitude Ceremony on Medicine Buddha Sutra During Sangha Summer Retreat

May the Three Jewels be merciful to us; may the merits of our pure practice benefit all our benefactors above as well as all those in the wretched realms. We dedicate these merits toward peace in the world and all sentient beings, so that all may eradicate all their afflictions, be free from calamities, and attain enlightenment. Join our monthly ceremony on June 25, from 9:30 am- 12 pm. 

88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony

“A light of wisdom shatters the darkness of ignorance.”  Through the practice of repentance, we restore our purity and be more mindful of our actions from now on.  This service will be on June 9, from 7 – 9 pm.  

Picture1Half-Day Chan Meditation Retreat

Meditation can help you focus your mind, calm down, become more aware, and see things as they truly are. If you have completed the beginning meditation classes, we invite you to participate in the half-day meditation retreat on June 4, 11 & 18 to further advance your meditation practice.  Registration required; please contact the monastery to sign up. 

Bodhiseed Summer Retreat 

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 This year, from July 26th~28th, we are excited to again offer one session of the Bodhiseed Summer Retreat program for children ages 5 to 10. The Bodhiseed Summer Retreat will offer creative theme days and activities to inspire children to learn about meditation and Buddhist practices. Students will begin each day with sitting and walking meditation sessions to help them quiet their minds and be introspective. Topics that include respect, kindness, harmony, and honesty are blended with self-discipline classes.
Space is limited. For more details please click here or contact the monastery. 


Meritorious Volunteering

Volunteers form an important part of the Buddha Gate community. You can help the monastery by maintaining the buildings and grounds, working in the kitchen, and preparing for ceremonial events. By generously offering your time to support the monastery you not only accumulate blessings, but also practice patience, compassion, tolerance and working harmoniously with others, thereby developing the Chan state of mind and applying it toward everyday life. The monastery invites everyone to participate in the meritorious volunteering every Sunday afternoon.