This is how I practice Buddhism in my life

♦ Class: Sutra study meditation class

♦ Dharma name: Chuan Mo

    I used to blame others when bad things happened, always thinking that it is all others’ fault and wanting to correct others. Once the situation wasn’t what I wanted it to be, I felt bad and more emotion came out.    In the meditation class, I learned “the law of karma”. It really changed my way of viewing things! I began with the understanding that “To know what you have done in the past, simply observe what is happening to you right now.” If our current situation is unsatisfactory, it means that our past actions caused the problem. We can’t change the past, but we can adjust our attitude towards what is happening now.

    As long as we are willing to make the adjustment, things will start to change. That is why the second half of the saying is, “To know what will happen to you in the future, simply observe what you are doing right now.” It was a new concept to me. Everything is possible! I am the one who can make thing better! I try to practice the law of karma in my life. When I encounter bad things, stop, and think about what I can do to change the situation.

    This year, on a Chinese New Year holiday, I was biking home, wearing my new pair of shoes. While waiting for a traffic light, a motorist stopped beside me. He spat out a wad of gum which landed on my new shoes. We glanced at each other, and at that instant, instead of getting angry, I stopped my anger, and got right a thought, “It is what it is! Just accept it.”

    I continued on my way for a short distance and then stopped by the curbside to clean off the gum. The motorist caught up with me and slowed down next to me. He sincerely apologized with a “I’m sorry”.  I smiled and waved him off with a “No problem”. I felt happy that I hadn’t gotten angry or upset with my new shoes mishap. I simply cleaned off my shoes, and went calmly on my way, so this incident was harmoniously resolved.

    Through practicing meditation, I have learned how to stop, how to control my emotion to prevent my first impulses. By learning the Buddhist ideal, I have a new way to face my life and I know how to deal with difficulty and conflict. By understanding “the law of karma”, I know I can control my own destiny.