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Words of Wisdom

“Fear not a thought arising, but a thought undetected.” When a bad thought arises, see through it right away. Having committed bad deeds, turn around immediately onto the path of virtue, vowing never to make the same mistakes again. This way, every step will take our life toward a brighter future, leading ultimately to liberation. —Words of Wisdom from Grand Master Wei Chueh


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Ullambana Ceremony & Meng Shan Food Bestowal Services

To repay the kindness of Grand Master Wei-Chueh, the four-assembly disciples host a “Gratitude Ceremony on Medicine Buddha Sutra During the Sangha Summer Retreat” from May 14th to August 14th.  On August 28th, after the completion of the Sangha Summer Retreat, the “Ullambana Ceremony Meng Shan Food Bestowal and Memorial Services” will take place at Buddha Gate Monastery.

The Ullambana sutra says, “Buddha’s disciples who practice filial piety should frequently think of their parents and their parents of the past seven incarnations. Every year, on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, make the Ullambana offering to the Buddha and the Sangha for their parents in order to repay their love and kindness in raising them.”  During this ceremony many services will be hosted., including chanting the Medicine Buddha Sutra, chanting the Ullambana Sutra, the Meal Offering to the Buddha and Sangha, and the Meng Shan Bestowal Food and Memorial Services. May the mercies of the Three Jewels liberate our parents and the parents of past incarnations. May they eradicate bad karmas and be reborn in the wholesome realms. May the present living parents increase blessings and obtain longevity and peace.  Moreover, we offer these pure merits to repay the four kindnesses and liberate the three wretched realms.  Let’s dedicate the merits to the peace of the world and all sentient beings. May everyone bring forth the Bodhi mind and realize the pure nature. To learn more about the meaning of Ullambana.

Picture2188 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony

Join us on Fridays, September 9, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, in chanting the 88 Buddhas. It is an excellent way to clear our karmic obstacles and draw out our inner wisdom. Click here to learn more.

Meritorious Volunteering

Volunteers form an important part of the Buddha Gate community. You can help the monastery by maintaining the buildings and grounds, working in the kitchen, and preparing for ceremonial events. By generously offering your time to support the monastery you not only accumulate blessings, but also practice patience, compassion, tolerance and working harmoniously with others, thereby developing the Chan state of mind and applying it toward everyday life. The monastery invites everyone to participate in the meritorious volunteering every Sunday afternoon.