[:en]Two Feet? Eight Feet?[:]

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[:en]A long time ago, there was a farmer who had a big wheat farm and he planted lots of wheat. He saw his neighbor grow wheat on the neighboring farm; they grew very well
and very big. He asked his neighbor, “Look at the wheat on your farm! How did you make it grow so well? Is there a secret to planting wheat and having it grow well?”
His neighbor answered, “Well, first, you should smooth the soil and keep the ground even and flat. Then you water the ground with water saved from washing rice and vegetables. After that, you have to carefully plant the wheat sprouts evenly, and continue to water them. Then the wheat will grow big and well.”

When the farmer heard what his neighbor taught him, he tried it as soon as he went back to the farm. The farmer smoothed the soil and kept the ground flat. Then he started watering the soil to keep it moist. When he stepped on the soil and was ready to plant the wheat sprouts, he thought, “If I step on the soil I already prepared, , the soil will become hard and then the sprouts won’t grow. Mmm….What can I do?”

The farmer thought long and hard for a solution. Then he thought, “Oh! Yes. Maybe I can sit on a sedan chair and ask other people to raise and move the chair backwards while I plant the wheat sprouts in the soil. That way, I won’t step on my prepared soil. What a smart idea!”

So the farmer asked four people to help raise and move the sedan chair for him. When people in the village saw what the farmer was doing, they all laughed at him, “How silly this farmer is! He was afraid his two feet would ruin the farm, but now eight feet are stepping all over his prepared soil.” [:]