How to Party

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party2Is there a Buddhist way to party? Observing the precepts should not take a break, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot partake in celebrations. Here are some tips that you might find helpful:

Be vegetarian

No sentient beings should have to suffer for people to have fun. If you are hosting a party, you can easily plan a wonderful selection of vegetarian options that will satisfy everyone. If you are going to a party, check with the host in advance for vegetarian options or bring your own dish with extras to share.

Abstain from intoxicants.

The best celebrations are ones you can remember. You cannot be mindful if you lose your awareness. Abstain from mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol; instead, focus on building harmonious relationships and positive connections with the people at the party.

Cherish resources.

Celebrations are often financially costly and wasteful. These negative effects can be minimized through a few simple preparations. For example:

  • When possible, send electronic invitations instead of traditional mails.
  • Set up clearly labeled disposal bins so guests can help sort their waste.
  • Leave out markers for people to write their names to plates and drinking cups and encourage them to reuse and recycle.
  • Cook only what your guests can consume and only serve more when the food has been eaten.

A celebration is an opportunity for people to come together and practice harmony, joy, and positive connections. Practice being mindful of your actions and words and you and everyone around you will have a wonderful time.