[:en]Steam Pumpkin Sandwich & Beets Sandwich[:zh]清蒸南瓜三明治&甜菜根三明治[:]

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  • Pumpkin or beets
  • Mushroom(saute)
  • Roasted walnut or sesame seed
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Fresh parsley or shiso leaf or thyme or baby arugula
  • Rye bread or whole wheat or multi-grain bread



  • Toasted bread
  • Vegetables

–Cut pumpkin into pieces and steam them for 15 minutes (make sure they are cooked)

–Cut beets into pieces and broil them until they are cooked

  • Saute mushrooms with some pepper
  • Home-made sauce

–Mix seaman (grinder them), raspberry vinegar or lemon juice, shiso leaf (chopped), olive oil, honey, and salt (preferably Himalayan crystal salt) together; make sure it is solid-butter like.

On the bread:

  • Lay beets à pumpkin à baby arugula/watercress/any green leaf vegetables à mushroom
  • On another side of bread/on another piece of bread:
  • Spread the sauce
  • Put them together and cut into suitable pieces