Food Offering

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food“Vegetarianism is the sign of a compassionate mind. When we cultivate compassion, blessings and merits increase, and good health will come naturally.” Grand Master Wei-Chueh

Monastery Food Guidelines

When you bring food to the monastery, please make sure that it does not contain alcohol, meat, seafood, eggs, animal ingredients (such as gelatin in the jelly or rennet in cheese), garlic, onions, shallots, leeks and coriander. Milk products without rennet are welcome. This will help maintain the purity of the monastery, keep us mindful of our cultivation, and help us fulfill our resolve.

Thank you!

Buddha Gate Monastery




veggis請您攜帶食物至本寺之前,先確認食物不含酒精、肉類、海鮮、蛋、及動物成份(例如果凍的吉利丁、乳酪的凝乳劑) 、大蒜、洋葱、葱、韭菜、香菜。可提供不含凝乳劑之乳製品。敬請發心配合,護持清淨修行的道場。謝謝。