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Words of Wisdom

The Chan patriarchs said: “stand firm and stay firm.” Standing firm means after one has realized and found a footing in the “non-arising mind” in which no thought is raised, one firmly dwells in this realization, whether things are going well or getting rough. Staying firm means to practice regularly so one can maintain the state of non-arising. This is cultivation.
—Words of Wisdom from Grand Master Wei Chueh
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Picture142018 Lunar New Year Blessing Ceremony

On Friday, February 16 from 11:00 to 11:50 A.M., Buddha Gate Monastery invites you to celebrate the Lunar New Year and participate in the ringing of the auspicious bell to bring forward a harmonious New Year. The ringing of the bell also reminds us to stay true to our awakening path to enlightenment. “Let the mind be as it is, intrinsically free. Stay firmly in the Seal of Dharma.” Join us for a free vegetarian lunch immediately following the ceremony. 

Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Ceremony

The eighty-eight Buddhas repentance liturgy was compiled by Dharma Master Dao Pei from these two sutras: one is  “Sutra of the Medicine King and Superior Medicine Bodhisattvas ” and the other is “The Sutra of the Great Accumulation of Treasures”.  In the sutra, it is said that when you are mindful of the Buddha’s name, you will receive infinite blessings, when you sincerely bow to the Buddha, you will eradicate infinite misdeeds. On Sunday, February 25, from 9:30 to 12:00,  join us in the 88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony. Chanting the 88 Buddhas’ names is a practice that allows us to pay respect to all the Buddhas who have already attained enlightenment, repent on our misdeeds, reduce our false ego, and help us to see our true nature. Join us for a free vegetarian lunch immediately following the ceremony.

Sign UpMeditation Classes

There will not be classes on February 16, in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Buddha Gate Monastery offers twelve-week classes of different levels in English and Chinese, from Leven I to Leven III and even to advanced sutra studies. Each class meets for about two hours, consisting of meditation practice in the first hour, and a lecture on Buddhist teachings in the second hour.  Everyone is welcome. The classes are free; the Monastery is funded by unsolicited donations. Visit our website under “classes” for more details. 

Picture3One Stick of Incense

One Stick of Incense Buddhist Service consists of chanting the sutras in English, meditating, and Dharma talk. This process helps us purify our minds and develop our inner wisdom and compassion. We finish by dedicating merits to all sentient beings in hope that they will awaken to their pure natures, and obtain inner peace and joy. This one hour service starts at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and at 10:30 a.m., on February 11 and 18, is open to everyone and ideal for first-time visitors.

Half-Day Meditation RetreatPicture1

Meditation can help you focus your mind, calm down, become more aware, and see things as they truly are. If you have completed the beginning meditation classes, we invite you to participate in the half-day meditation retreat to further advance your meditation practice. The upcoming half-day meditation retreats are on March 4, 11 and 18 from 8:30 am to noon.

LaPicture110mp Offering

Making a Lamp Offering to the Buddha is a way to honor the Buddha while awakening our own intrinsic wisdom. According to the scriptures, when making a Buddha lamp offering, we gain good health, purity of the mind, freedom from worries, and extinction of ignorance. We can also dedicate the merits to our loved ones and all humanity. You can now sign up to make a Lamp Offering for the year 2018 (January 1 to December 31).

Meritorious VolunteeringHelping_Out

Volunteers form an important part of the Buddha Gate community. You can help the monastery by maintaining the buildings and grounds, working in the kitchen, and preparing for ceremonial events. By generously offering your time to support the monastery you not only accumulate blessings, but also practice patience, compassion, tolerance and working harmoniously with others, thereby developing the Chan state of mind and applying it toward everyday life. The monastery invites everyone to participate in the meritorious volunteering every Sunday afternoon.