Reflections: Volunteering

2009 Buddha Gate Monastery Bodhi Seed Camp
Darlene (Chuan Ling) Cioffi-Pangilla

When I got home from volunteering at the Gardens at Heather Park in Walnut Creek, where I had spent two hours pulling up plants that had seeded and gown in unexpected places, I could not help but recall an article written by the manager of the Gardens and reflect on Buddha Gate Monastery’s Bodhi Seed Camp.

To paraphrase the article:

Life begins and ends in the garden; this year’s seed is next year’s flower. The hot days of summer are perfect for propagating plants that will be put into the garden during the autumn or next spring. A garden is different from a landscape – it is constantly evolving because the gardener is part of the evolution.

No doubt growth, change, frustration and surprise will come with spending time with the plants. While some may be a nuisance, others add a new dimension to the forever changing garden.

The gardener is the Buddha, through the BGM Shifus and volunteers. The plants are the children being seeded with the seeds of respect, kindness, harmony, truthfulness and gratitude.

Who knows where these newly seeded “plants” will be in the autumn or next spring. Many of these “plants” will seed in places not in the original planting plan. However, NO plant will need to be pulled up because it seems to be in a wrong or unexpected place. There is no wrong or unexpected place when the tenets of Chung Tai are strong and flourishing!

Bodhi Seed Camp

Katherine Huynh  (Chuan Wen)

During the two weeks of the summer camp, it’s been pretty tiring but it was good experience with most of the kids. Even though the kids were rowdy, enthusiastic, or full of energy, they were just excited for the next activity and making new friends with one another. As a TA it was exhausting taking
care of the kids but in the same it I met a lot of friendly new faces as well. I think that seeing the kids taking in and learning new things like meditation, folding clothes, calligraphy, martial arts, gardening, scout training, learning Mandarin,  and etc, got them really excited to do the activities.  In my perspective, these four days were lively and cheerful.  I realized that taking care of kids was not easy but also not hard. The activities were enjoyable and I hope most of the kids will return to the Bodhi Seed meditation class and looking forward to the next summer school as well.


Bodhi Seed Camp TA

Drew Dickson (11)

I had a lot of fun being a TA.  It was hard keeping the kids together and having them listen, but overall it was fun just to help them and work with my other TAs. While I was there helping I did learn a lot of new stuff like how to bow, meditate, speak mandarin, not waste food, and chant. I had a lot of fun being a help to the Buddha gate monastery and learning many new things that can help me later in life.

Jamar Pagpaguitan (12)
Being a TA at BGM’s 2012 Bodhi Seed Summer Camp was a great and fun experience for me.  That was my second year there and now I know how TAs felt last year when I was a Bodhi seed.  I made many new friends from Bodhi Seeds to Teachers, volunteers, and shifus.  We helped each other and
spoke up when needed.  In my opinion, driving approximately 1 hour to BGM is worth it.  I wish everyone there and who was there a great rest of the year.  And I hope to see me being a TA again in 2013.

Jessica Ly  (12)
I have been a Buddha Gate member since I was 5 years old. Now I am almost 12. For the past 3 years of the Bodhiseed Summer Camp as a Bodhiseed, I’ve learned a lot of things and made many new friends.
And for this year I’ve become a TA. As a TA I’ve experienced a challenge to handle with kids. When I had to handle the kids, it was very hard for me. And once I learned about them, I figured that each and every one of them had different personalities of many things. But when they learned about the Four Tenets of Chung Tai (as in Respect, Kindness, Harmony and Truthfulness) and the other stuffs, they’ve improved so much. Even if they struggled a lot they kept on trying their best and never giving up or slacking off so basically they’ve been really diligent during this camp. And even though I had hard time to do these difficult things and activities at this camp, I had a very spectacular summer. So I   hoped they enjoyed their summer here at the Bodhiseed Summer School, too. But most of all, I’d like to thank the Abbess and all Shifus for giving me this opportunity to be a TA. And if I get another opportunity again then I’dlike to be a TA again. Amitofo!



佛門寺秉持佛法慈悲的精神以及  導師上惟下覺大和尚的諄諄教誨,自 2009 年起,以「中台四箴
今年,兩梯次的夏日學園,有 96 人次,五到十歲的小菩提子,及 32 人次的隊輔,30 人次的老師,
上百位護持的義工菩薩們共同參與。課程活動包含:禪修靜坐、 過堂行儀、佛門巡禮(學習佛菩薩
怎麼栽)、童軍訓練、涼扇香皂染衣 DIY 等,「敬慈和真」不但融入於課程活動的內容,課堂中更
進一步實踐。每一堂,上下課時,由隊輔呼班,帶領小菩提子,向師長行禮,長養恭敬心; 課程中,
耐心學習,長養慈悲心; 互相幫助,長養和睦心; 專注投入,長養真誠心。

傳文 (11 歲) 真誠隊輔  菩提子夏日學園心得


Drew Dickson (11 歲,和睦隊輔)


Jamar Pagpaguitan (12歲  慈悲隊輔)


Jessica Ly (傳聲 12 歲,和睦隊輔)

五歲時,我就是佛門寺的一員。現在,我十二歲了。過去三年,在菩提子夏令營還是學員,  學了
們學習了中台四箴行(敬慈和真) 和其他規矩,他們進步快速。儘管他們也有掙扎,他們不斷努力,