Reflections: 2016 Lianghuang

傳遠/總監 (English is pending)


1. 真誠心可以表現在全程參與(拜懺或義工)。這段時間,生活中以參與梁皇為第一優先。非萬不得已,絕不缺席。

2. 拜懺當中,身上總會有痛和酸。把克服酸痛看做是懺悔誠意的具體表現。將酸痛觀想成只是一粒沙,克服它將會滅除恆河沙的諸業障。如此觀想,更令自己安住當下,真誠懺悔。



Darlene 傳領/研經班/副會長

It was the vision and compassion of Grand Master Wei Chueh, that we have Buddha Gate Monastery, and are able to once again hold this age old repentance ceremony. There was excitement “in the air” and much Chan joy. The assembly wanted to be there and participated sincerely. The monastic and lay disciples, who served to make this event happen, had different areas of expertise yet all elements came together harmoniously. Our practice was deepened as we became aware of and adapted to changing conditions. The thought that went into the preparation of the altar, reflected the beauty and light of my True nature, that realization, being the ultimate repentance. Amituofo, Chuan Ling

Mary 傳皓/研經班/照客組長

The Buddha said, “people have twenty kinds of difficulties:
It is difficult to encounter the Buddhist Sutras and it is difficult to meet the right learned teacher.” With gratitude these are two of the difficulties we do not have. We are here at Buddha Gate Monastery, learning the Buddhist Sutras, learning the Dharma from Grand Master Wei- Chueh’s words of wisdom and teachings, the Abbess and Dharma Masters. We must practice diligently to try and repay the kindness of Grand Master. Grand Master has given us clear instructions on how to practice. Protect and support the monasteries, share the Dharma with others, deepen our cultivation through merits, wisdom and meditation and practice the Bodhisattva Way. To take on infinite suffering and impart great joy to all. Grand Master said with great vows we can overcome all obstacles.

Prior and during the 2016 Liang Huang Repentance Ceremony and 2017 New Year Ceremony I was inspired and moved by the diligent practice of the Abbess, Shifus, volunteers and participants. The ceremonies took place over eight days but preparations started much earlier. Many hours went into the preparation for the ceremonies on many levels with so many details that required attention. We must practice more diligently to show our gratitude, support and protect the monastery and Sangha. The Dharma Masters vows are great and they practice tirelessly to make sure we have a place to learn Buddha’s teachings and practice The Way.

During the ceremonies it was very meaningful to observe everyone practicing together. While practicing with like minded people the assembly comes together in a very special way. As the connection increases to the Buddha Dharma so does the connection between participants. During the Liang Huang Ceremony we make Repentance through chanting the Buddha’s and Bodhisattva’s names, chanting the Repentance Liturgy and making prostrations. We repent for past misdeeds for ourselves, parents, families, ancestors and all sentient beings. We make sincere repentance to eradicate negative karma and obstructions for all. Through making repentance we cultivate compassion. There are so many sentiment beings suffering in all of the realms we must do all we can to help relieve their suffering.

During the 2017 New Year Ceremony we made light and flower offerings to the Buddha on behalf of ourselves and all sentient beings so that the light of wisdom may dispel the darkness of ignorance. We chanted the Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra which Buddha explains and teaches us the Truth and how to practice. The Abbess gave a Dharma talk where she shared Grand Masters instructions how to practice, where our focus should be, to practice diligently and the meaning of striking the New Year Bell. I was very moved when she explained the sound of the striking bell increases the awareness for sentiment beings in all of the realms. It has been deeply moving and inspiring to have been able to participate in such worthy Dharma events. I am truly grateful to be a part of the Chung Tai World and Buddha Gate Monastery.

Amitofo, Chuan Hao

Sue 傳倫/研經班/副會長

For the last 10 years I have been grateful to be able to participate in the Liang Huang Jeweled repentance ceremony. This ceremony from the preparation, to the ceremony of the 10 scrolls, to the New Year celebration lets me see how important it is to come together to create an environment for all to practice and through participation can make positive changes.
Over the years of volunteering, acolyting, and playing drum and bell , I realize how important the details of preparation is to see a harmonious outcome. From paying attention to details of the acolyte schedule to preparing liturgy for drum and bell all make a difference.
Within this ceremony there is opportunity for me to pay homage to the Buddha’s, clarify and cleanse my mind, and deepen my understanding for repentance. To realize what is happening to me good or bad, easy or difficult, I have to embrace it and keep practicing the Bodhisattva path. To cherish this time to review myself from this past year, to recall situations I wish I could have done differently and make amends. To let go of burdens of regret and focus on setting a good cause.
I consider being a part of the acolyte team and drum and bell team a blessing. And this year I was amazed by our new and young members of the acolyte team how they blossomed and worked harmoniously together. They exemplified Grand Masters teaching of Harmony. There was always kind words of support, trust and sincerity and lack of ego throughout the week. These teachings helped build a solid and committed acolyte team.
I am forever grateful to Grand Master for his wisdom and compassion. And for the Abbess and all the Dharma masters for their continued compassionate support and guidance.
Chuan Lun

Hsin-Yeh 法筵/中級禪修班

Even on top of my senior year workload and college applications, the last thing I needed was more stress. But I still signed up to help out for this ceremony as an acolyte and emcee.

The stress mostly came from being unfamiliar with the procedures. For I have only ever attended one ceremony and been an acolyte for another before. However, I cannot feel more blessed to have the opportunity to work with other acolytes, all of whom were so willing to teach and guide me. I learned the power of dedication; I also learned my capacity–and how far beyond it I can go–to devote myself to something so rare, magnificent, and wholesome.

My time spent learning and working here seems all the more valuable. From this experience, I am inspired by everyone’s effort and will continue to support the monastery in any way I can.