Cooking Tips

cookingtip3_400_soft1. Cut your items to consistent sizes so they not only look attractive on the plate but also will cook evenly.
2. Always slice through. Do not cut part of the way where pieces remain stuck together.
3. Don’t waste food; change your cutting direction or technique so all ingredients are used. Save your scraps for other purposes such as a soup base or for another dish.
4. When you cut against the grain, food tends to be tender. When you cut along the grain, food tends to be tougher. Nevertheless, you may occasionally need to cut along the grain because it is unavoidable or you wish to display a pretty pattern.
5. In a dish there should always be more of the main ingredient than the secondary ingredients.
6. For crisp food such as crunchy vegetables, use high heat and cook fast. Stir fry and deep fry are used for this purpose.
7. To tenderize, use medium to low heat and allow the ingredients to cook a longer time. Simmering, roasting, stewing, and braising are used for this purpose.