Bodhi Seeds Class

Empty Nature
by Tiffany Zheng (Chuan Ren)

In class today, we learned about the sage, Subuti. The abbess told us a story about how Subuti realized the truth of “Empty Nature.” The Buddha was returning from his recent trip to heaven, where he had been giving dharma talks to his mother and other heavenly beings. After three months, the Buddha decided it was time to go back. All the Buddha’s followers wanted to welcome the Buddha back to Earth. So they arranged a party. At that time, the wise sage, Subuti, was meditating in a cave on Ling Mountain. When he heard the news of the Buddha returning, he also wanted to welcome the Buddha. However, he suddenly realized that Buddha’s dharma body is everywhere and that all the followers were only welcoming Buddha’s physical body. Because of that, Subuti stayed on the mountain. When Buddha set foot on Earth, a nun ran up to him and exclaimed that she was the first one to welcome the World Honored One back to Earth. However, the Buddha told her that she was just the first one to welcome his physical body. The one who really welcomed him was Subuti because he realized the truth of empty nature.

During class time, we all practiced meditation. For the activity, we made sculptures out of play-dough. Our topic was meditation. We had a great time in class today!

by Tiffany Zheng (Chuan Ren)

Last Saturday, at kids class, I learned that you can give away poverty and obtain wealth by performing charity. I also heard a story about an old lady that worked for a cruel master. One day, when she was filling a pitcher with water from the river, the sage, Katayana passed by and saw the old lady. He was compassionate and wanted to help her. So, he went up to the lady and asked her if she wanted to sell her poverty. She was deeply surprised, so the sage told her to fetch some water and offer it to him sincerely. The lady did as he said and that night, she passed away and was reborn in heaven. From this story, I can learn that you must be generous to obtain what you want.

A few days ago, I helped some friends by giving them band-aids when they hurt themselves. I also always give my friends at school a share of my cookie or dessert (if I have any). Sometimes I buy my friends cookies from the school cafeteria. Another thing is that, every day, after school, I clean my lunch thermos by myself, which saves my mom from more work. Sometimes I also do my own laundry and wipe the tables by myself.

Today, at kids class, I learned the importance of moral conduct. The precepts include, no killing, stealing, or lying. I promote these precepts by being a vegetarian and by taking things only if I have permission. I am also honest.

Another important thing I learned is the proper way to eat. I practiced this lesson at lunch and dinner. Over the week, I look forward to using the lessons I learned today in my daily.

A Mother’s Day Poem 
by Milan (Chuan Qien)

My Mom
You are nice as a leaf.
I love you more than a diamond ring.
Your heart is as pure as a lotus flower.
I love you so much.