Vegetarian Cuisine -->Vegi Lamb Ginseng Soup


  1. Vegi stew lamb
  2. Dry shiitake mushroom
  3. Goji berry
  4. Ginseng root
  5. Red dates
  6. Lotus seeds

Vegetarian Shark Fin and Mushrooms Stir Fry  


Soak shiitake mushrooms until tender. Remove stems. Wash ginseng roots, red dates and lotus seeds. Soak goji berry to remove impurities. Optional: pan fry ginger slices and vegi stew lamb for added flavor.

In boiling water, add ginseng root and ginger slices. Bring to boil. Add lotus seeds, red dates and shitake mushrooms; simmer until lotus seeds are tender. Add vegi lamb. Bring to boil. Add goji berry. Season with sugar, salt and mushroom seasoning. Serve.



ingredients step1
ingredients step1



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