Vegetarian Cuisine -->Bamboo and Cabbage with Vegetable Tempura


  1. Napa cabbage
  2. Green bamboo shoot
  3. Hot pepper
  4. Carrots
  5. Hair-like moss
  6. Vegetable tempura ball

Vegetarian Shark Fin and Mushrooms Stir Fry  


Soak hair-like moss until tender. Cut tempura in half. Clean and slice everything else into thin strips. Blanch bamboos to remove impurities.

In a heated wok, add oil and ginger, stir until fragrant. Add water, salt, sugar, mushroom seasoning, and white pepper. Add bamboos and Napa cabbage. Stir until the vegetables cook down. Add hair-like moss. Stir. Add hot pepper, carrots and vegetable tempura balls. Stir. Thicken the liquid with potato starch solution.



ingredients step1
ingredients step1



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