2010 Kids

On April 17, the Bodhi Seeds students celebrated their last class with a day of activities in the field. Children and parents competed in tug-of-war, basketball shoot, ping-pong, long jump, limbo, rice bag relays and much more. The weather was perfect and participants had a great time!

From August 4 to 7, 80 students ranging in age from 5 to 13 attended Buddha Gate Monastery’s second annual Bodhi Seed Summer Camp. Campers began each morning with sitting meditation and a story illustrating the theme for the day: Bodhi, Respect, Kindness, Harmony, Truthfulness and Gratitude. The activities that followed reflected the theme for that day. Campers had fun exploring nature and the arts, with scouting activities, Bodhi seeds planting, environmentally-friendly crafts, calligraphy, Mandarin lessons, singing, learning Dharma instruments, and baking cookies. Tai Chi and martial arts were popular activities as well. The camp was staffed by many diligent volunteers. Children built lasting friendships, developed a better sense of their moral compass, and had lots of fun!