2009 Kids

In the sitting and walking meditation class, the children learned about Tolerance. After a short break, the children gathered in the lecture hall and discussed the importance of “recycle,” “reduce,” and “reuse.” They explored ways to help preserve our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

The children learned about the water cycle. They sampled how different the water can taste despite appearing the same. They investigated how water runoffs seep into the sewers and can pollute our drinking water.

The class also happened to be on Halloween. Children came dressed up in their costumes. They performed a play on keeping our ocean life healthy and our water source clean. They later made a sea diorama.

Why should we respect and cherish soil, forests, and trees? The children learned about the four layers of soil by making a replica of the earth soil using edible materials: cookies as the base layer (bedrock), vanilla pudding as the subsoil, chocolate pudding on the top, sprinkles as litter and gummy worms to finish the job!

Being a vegetarian not only spares animal lives, it helps reduce global warming. The children learned the benefits of being a vegetarian and enjoyed a delicious outdoor vegi-BBQ under the shade of trees.

What is global warming? What can we do to help? The children delved into the causes of global warming. In lieu of planting trees, the children had a wonderful time planting pumpkins.

The children learned proper chopsticks techniques and etiquette while practicing mindfulness. Using chopsticks, they played games such as picking up beads and rearranging the stacked chopsticks.

Students of the Bodhi Seed Class explored some of the traditional Chinese children activities. They included lion dance, Chinese yoyo, jump rope and hacky sack. The students not only witnessed outstanding performances from experts, they get to practice hands on!