Vegetarian Cuisine -->Bamboo, Mushroom, Woodears Soup


  1. Dry bamboo shoots
  2. Vege Meat Chunk
  3. Fresh shiitake mushrooms
  4. Yellow woodears
  5. Raw cashews

Vegetarian Shark Fin and Mushrooms Stir Fry  


Remove loose pieces of the bamboo shoots and preserve stems. Soak bamboo shoots and yellow woodears in cold water until soft. Blanch (to remove any preservatives). Cut bamboo shoots and vege meat into 2” chunks. Pan or deep fry vege meat (so it doesn’t get soggy from cooking)

Bring water (or mushroom broth) to boil. Add cashews. Simmer. Add shiitake mushroom and bamboo shoot. Simmer. Before serving, add vege meat chunk and yellow wood year. Bring to boil; season with salt, sugar, mushroom seasoning and white pepper.



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