Vegetarian Cuisine -->Clay Pot Tofu and Gluten


  1. Firm tofu
  2. Glutens
  3. Chinese pickled vegetable
  4. Chinese celery
  5. Pericarpium Zanthexyli
  6. Dried chili pepper
Vegetarian Shark Fin and Mushrooms Stir Fry  


Cut tofu into triangles, Chinese pickled vegetable into strips and Chinese celery into 1” sticks. Deep fry gluten and tofu until golden.

In heated wok with oil add ginger, dried chili pepper, Pericarpium Zanthexyli and soy sauce; stir until fragrant. Add water, salt, mushroom seasoning, sugar, Chinese pickled vegetable, tofu, and gluten. Stir and simmer. Add corn starch premixed with water to thicken sauce.

Transfer content into clay pot. Add celery on top. Cover and simmer for over 30 minutes, allowing the flavor to soak in. Serve.



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