Vegetarian Cuisine --> Five Flavored Egg Plants


  1. Ginger
  2. Italian basil
  3. Celery
  4. Hot chili pepper
  5. Rau ram leaves or Vietnamese coriander
  6. Egg plants
Vegetarian Shark Fin and Mushrooms Stir Fry  


Sauce: chop finely the basil, celery, ginger, rau ram leaves and hot chili pepper with the seeds removed. Mix all the ingredients and add vegi mushroom oyster sauce, sesame oil, sugar, black vinegar and tomato ketchup. Blend and set aside.

Remove top and cut egg plants in half. Score the skin in cross directions (see pictures). Boil in hot water mixed with some canola oil and salt. Cook until tender, cut to serving size and place on platter. Dress with sauce.



ingredients step1
ingredients step1



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